Co Curricular Activities


This is the time tested programme and proven to be the easiest method of learning English language with the help of sounds, followed in all native English spoken countries.

This method eliminates the necessity to by-heart spellings. A child learns to join sounds and read words.

Cambridge Program

We train children to appear for YLE programmes of Cambridge University of London . We provide coaching upto 5 levels ( A0,A1,A2,B1,B2). Children can register for these courses from class 2 onwards, starting with A0 level.

Our school was the first school in this region to provide this training at primary school level.
One batch Cambridge children have appeared for KET in 2019. This certificate is globally recognized. We are happy to train for this exam. For the exams written in year 2018-19; 32 children have received completion certificate STARTERS level, 62 for MOVERS level, 64 for FLYERS level this year. Dr.Besant school gets the “Preparatory centre for Cambridge English certificate from Cambridge University of English.

Communication Skills Classes

Pan all professions and businesses, the most essential skill is the ability to communicate. The ability to effectively express ideas, the ability to influence the team makes one shine as a leader.

Understanding the importance of effective communication in ones career, we give utmost importance to developing this skill. Starting at the tender age of class 1, each child without any exception is given opportunity regularly to come to the dais and speak. Two periods per week are allocated for communication skills for all classes.

We have observed that this process increases the child confidence levels and morale.

Supplementary reading – Daily HINDU student edition newspaper is being given to children at school.

Hindi Focus

Most of us, think of English as the only language. Learning English is definitely very important. At the same time, learning our national language, i.e, HINDI for non native Hindi speakers is also important.

So, Hindi teachers are speaking in Hindi in their periods. Children, on their option can prepare and appear for Hindi exams from school.

This year 170 children have appeared for Dakshin Bharath Hindi exams Pradhamika – 60, Madhyama – 40 Rashtra – 30, Praveshka – 25 and Visardha – 15.


Analytical skills, logical reasoning and problem solving problems which are a base for all competitive exams. (CAT, GRE, MAT, AUCET, ICET, Banking and Public service groups ) are taught in these classes.The book is prepared in house for the same.

Maths Challenging worksheets

To create a spirit of taking up challenges among students, math challenging worksheets are prepared in house with questions which are tougher than the text book exercises.

All interested students may ask the teacher for these worksheets after they finish learning the text book exercises. The teacher will guide the student to solve them.

IIT Foundation

For the children who like challenging math, for the children who aspire to be scientists and do wonders, advanced logic and tougher number crunching provide a good base.

Concepts at level higher than the text books are taught in this. This IIT foundation is free of additional tuition fee at our school within the school hours.

Fun with science

Isn’t it wonderful to switch on our handmade torch when there is a power cut? The young engineers at school carried home their handmade models. They have connected the wires and fitted the screws for Lens Camera, Magic Bank, Pull Bell, Study lamp, Telescope,
Mini Missile, Buzzer Box, flash torch.

To increase the scientific temperament amongst little kids, we encourage hands on activities. The school provides take home science projects, whereby the child assembles the model, connects the circuit, creates materials all by himself/herself.

This is an elective programme for the child. A child can participate in a single time projects or opt for full year programme. Here are some of the models done by children.