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Sports and Games

“Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body” is a powerful adage.”
It is surprising to note that grandfather aged 60, father aged 35, and son aged 12 are all having the same energy in the present times. A class 6 child is unable to bend down and touch his/her feet in a yoga class. Physical activity is a must at growing age. It is good for bone and muscle development. We want to give this health advantage to our children.

Dr. Besant school is the first school in Vizianagaram district to have a full fledged sports program. In our STREAK program, children are trained to play two games in a year. The play items and equipment are totally provided by the school. The unique feature is that each student gets the sports item. i.e., if it is shuttle, then each.

It gives real time experience and exposure. These trips enhance student observation skills and entrepreneurial skills.

Art and Craft

Classes for the students are held once or twice a week in the dedicated art and craft room


It starts from UKG to 8th . Visit Youtube Channel


Yoga is not a religion it is a way of living that aims towards ‘a healthy mind in a healthy body’. It starts from LKG to 8th and help students to promote a balanced development of physical , mental and spiritual being.


Each house in turn gets the chance to air their messages, importance of the day, informal conversation on school events on the campus, birthday wishes during lunch time over the school broadcast. This improves the communication skills and social skills. It develops the spontaneous ability to talk on any situation and topic.

Chatter Box

An English teacher takes a topic and refines the chat in the topic with good vocabulary and different styles in an engaging manner.

Circle Time

In our playgrounds children assemble around the teacher and freely talk. This creates an interesting bond amongst the teacher and the child. They talk about general things how was their day, what they liked during the day, what they like best at their home, sing songs, enact some characters and etc. It is an informal learning time which children enjoy.

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