NIRMAAN stands for building. We, at school are building young citizens.

We want them to have a happy life. We are happy and proud to be associated with NIRMAAN, an organization which works with many schools and colleges in public and private sector. We got associated with them last year and conducted the first workshop in year 2018 – 2019 for class 8 and class 9 students. What is done in the NIRMAAN Workshop – It is divided into 3 parts

a) The personality type of the student is identified using a scientifically developed questionnaire and SWOT analysis.

b) Students are explained about different fields and asked to fix their choice of profession.

c) On the second day, parents write their aspiration for the child.

Now, parental aspiration, students choice and student SWOT analysis are all given to parent and their child. Parent and child sit together, talk and try to strike sync with the three, with the guidance of NIRMAAN people.

To continue the spirit of NIRMAAN, to not stop and not let the impact fade away, we continued the same program with the same name at school IN-HOUSE. At school, this starts for class 8. Awareness is the first step in decision making. We have identified 30 different professions. We developed in house good information on all these professions and class 8 children are shown the power point presentations about each of these professions.

We are also inviting people from different professions to our school to share their experience in their fields. We are lucky and happy that Vizianagaram is a nice city with lovely people.

We are fortunate to have with us Mr. Jai Krishna, Mrs. Lakshmi Srinivas and Mr. Srihari Raju.

Mr. Jai Krishna is a renowned young lawyer in Vizianagaram. He spoke on various advancements in the way the legal profession will be in future. He guided children about their rights and duties towards the society. Mrs. Lakshmi Srinivas is a B.Sc. Home science graduate. She is very well known in Vizianagaram for her meticulous and dignified nature. She has shared the varied career options for a home science graduate.

Mr. Srihari Raju is the Circle Inspector of Vizianagaram I town. Children were so curious on police profession and were eagerly waiting with many questions. He has patiently answered all the questions posed by children in the question and answer session.

We visited offices of professionals at practice, to have a real time experience. We visited offices of professionals at practice, to have a real time experience. Dr. Tirumala Prasad and C.A. E.R. Somayajulu happily interacted with Dr. Besant aspirants of M.B.B.S and C.A.

Dr. Besant school thanks profoundly the professionals for guiding children on their profession.

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