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Continuous Training and Teacher Development

Learning is a continuous process. There is always something new, something for us to note and appreciate. Teachers at our school have timely workshops for their knowledge improvement and teaching skills enrichment.

All the subject teachers together sit, brainstorms on ideas, share and learn at weekly subject meetings. English being the mode of instruction, for language development and efficiency, regular English sessions are taken by English teachers.

  1. Continuous teacher training support is provided by the curriculum partners, IMAX and Chrysalis to teachers w.r.t teaching strategies, usage of TLMs, Student engagement, Usage of the book and etc. The following are the trainings conducted

Sessions conducted for teachers by Chrysalis

a)Independent learning module – with demo videos on various teaching aspects and deliverables of Chrysalis ensured the professional development for teachers . Followed by the Q&A webinar

b) Initial professional development – Orientation for teachers on the Chrysalis program

c) Professional development on live teaching – orientation on various routines to be followed in live teaching

d) Professional Development on Chrysalis home

Webinar for School Leadership:

Thrive not just Survive –  Webinar series for School Leasers

Webinar 1-  Teachers and Teaching

Speaker – Chris Henderson

Webinar 2- Remote Learning (Challenges and possibilities)

Speaker –  Meeta Sengupta

Webinar 3- Agent of Change – Looking of the Rose Amongst the Thorns

Speaker – Mr. Larry Broda

Webinar 4- Challenges of Affordable private schools and possible solution

Speaker –  Vikram Jain

Sessions conducted by IMAX in 2019 and 2020

The Session topics were

a) Transactional Tips of Reading strategies, Silent reading, Echo reading, Compact reading and monitoring comprehension

b)TPR – Total Physical Responses

c)Reflective practices in Classrooms

d)Remedial teaching steps

e)Assessment tools – pre teaching, during teaching and post teaching

f)Practical experiences of teaching strategies given in lesson plans like – peer learning, real life connect, brainstorming, problem solving, quizzes etc.

  1. English Teachers regularly attend the training programmes organised by Cambridge Program organisers. In 2019, they attended the session at Vizag in the month of July
  2. We have conducted an yoga awareness and stress management session for teachers by Yoga Guruji Sri.Raghuji in December 2019
  3. Teachers participated in Handwriting workshop conducted by Mr.Chakrapani garu in November 2018
  4. Teachers participated in the art and drawing techniques training arranged by Rotary Club.
  5. Mr.Gampa Nageswara Rao garu spoke on how to motivate children with Teachers in 2017.

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